By Dr.M.  3/28/2009

Why do I dislike Senator Chuckles Schumer so much?  I can't tell you what is going on inside the man's head.  Is he really that big of a moron?  Does he just have pretend to believe in what he is saying, like Baghdad Bob used to do?  Or he he just the most self-serving politician in Washington?

I think he must make up his mind on issues either based on sitting in a dark room undisturbed by facts, or perhaps by cash transactions of some sort?  Maybe he is just the mouthpiece for the NY political machine -- I mean, nobody would really elect douche bags like him and Hillary?

Chucky had always struck me as one of the true 100% pure idiots in a position of power, but then I saw the hearings about the siege at Waco years ago and I realized the true depth of the arrogant bullshit this man is based upon.   Schumer was part of the committee and I heard him say the most ill-informed thing as solid fact  (he specializes in touting ridiculous nonsense as fact).  He even knew more than any experts, he was Senator Chuck U. Schumer!


At the hearing Schumer asked Dick DeGuerin, one of Koresh's lawyers, if it was true that the Davidians were stockpiling grenades. DeGuerin said the only grenades he had seen at Mount Carmel were the ones BATF agents tossed in during their raid. A startled Schumer insisted that the "flashbang" grenades used by the BATF-- which create a bright flash and a loud noise to distract and disorient the enemy--are not really grenades. Later he contemptuously dismissed DeGuerin's testimony: "Mr. DeGuerin said flashbangers can kill, injure, maim. Anyone who knows anything about these things knows they can't."

But it was Schumer who didn't know what he was talking about: As Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) noted, flashbangs are classified as "destructive devices" under federal law, and in response to Barr's questioning a BATF agent conceded that they can kill at close range.

Watch from about 3:45-5:45

If you would like to see the full movie, click here for the Playlist on YouTube.   Also see extra bonus footage.

If you think flashbangs are harmless as Chucky is so sure then watch this video.
Note that the "flashbang" that Schumer thinks is so harmless sets off the alarm in the car across the street.

At one point during the hearings Chuckhead maintained that he could hold a "flashbang" in his hand with no problem (which the fellow in the first video would not think is a good idea). Clearly, you wouldn't want to do that.  Clearly, I wish Chuck would.

So, if you ever have the opportunity to visit him, I'm guessing he won't mind if you bring along a flashbang or two to pop and and entertain everyone?  You'd best be aware that the ATF does consider them Destructive Devices like hand grenades or bazooka's, but if they give you any trouble you could just tell them Chucky said they were OK with him.

(BTW -- he hates guns -- well he hates yours, he likes his)